Our Product Partners

Bringing new products to market involve good market research, competitor analysis, product validation, product roadmap, technology choice, pricing model, launch strategy, support model, customer retainment and growth strategy. These steps are dynamic, and one has to be on par with the changing industry to understand the various verticals of the entire process. BU Soft Tech primarily focuses on their own product creation and development while offering these services to other customers as well.

We have an experienced team of staff, handling various phases of the product development cycle.. We have been doing product development since 2000 and our experiences over the years have taught us to read and foresee market trends and that has allowed us to have an edge over the others. 

Following are the products that we have built and managed

We provide business solutions for childcare companies. This niche industry needs unique attention to adapt the business to its dynamic environment. We help elevate your childcare business by providing unique strategies and solutions. With over 15 years’ experience in providing back-office cloud solutions for childcare companies, we stand as one of the leading businesses in this arena. With us you can expect a modern user experience that will cater to modern business needs. We work and provide a very sophisticated system of back-end needs.

We provide transportation management software targeted explicitly for child transportation companies. We offer suite of Web & Mobile applications for the transportation owners, drivers, parents, partners to collaborate and manage children rides efficiently. The product focuses on operational efficiency for all stakeholders with attention to children safety measures. This is a SAAS based product running in a cloud environment handling scalability, security, reliability in a seamless way.



We do project management, ticket management, document management, and help-desk solutions for product development companies. This product perfectly suits well for product development companies that work on scrum principles, and seamlessly integrates and tracks the support tickets in product and scrum backlogs. This is a SAAS based offering, and new clients can be onboarded in minutes.

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